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I have been attempting the start of semi-self sufficiency with growing my own vegetables, salad, and herbs. All is going well thus far but this is the stage I always mess up. Today I bought a green house and some garden bits and bobs (soil, pots, Buddha statue...) when I say I have a garden I mean a very small space with a bush or two. But it's all I have to work with so work with it I shall.

I bought some planters the other week and I have been waiting to replant my seedlings into them but we are still getting cold nights so I have to be careful. I repotted my courgettes and cucumbers today and made a trough with basil, tomatoes and chilli in. I have sprinkled some seeds in the planters but think I'll have a wait before I see anything from there. I have also got a window cill greenhouse where everything is being started, in there I have spring onions, cucumbers, lettuce, broccoli, radishes, beet root, carrots, onions and herbs I have on the go are basil, rosemary, chives with some cress and leaf lettuce thriving too. 

I bought some of the little card pots but you can make them yourself, you can find loads of tutorials for them on YouTube. I was in a rush but will definitely be making my own to recycle some newspaper! They are biodegradable, so will just become part of your soil, what more could you want! 

I have bird seeds and feeders Hanging in the bushes to attract birds and wildlife, and I want to try and create a small water feature to attract other wildlife too. 

I have been reading a couple of books The Gardeners Calendar & Growing your own fruit and veg (for dummies). I would like to start growing blueberries too but I shall see how all this lot goes first. I'm putting a lot of work into my little garden so I do hope I make a success of it. 

I can't wait until I can start eating my own produce, it's going to be awesome! 

Next update: after next repot. 

*Plant a seed today, all it takes is a tub/pot some soil and a seed - you can get them from the vegetables you're already eating. Alternatively you can buy some from most supermarkets*. 

Happy growing! CB X 

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