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Hello crafters & Christmas lovers alike

'Decoupage (or découpage) is the art of decorating an object by gluing coloured paper cutouts onto your object in combination with special paint effects, gold leaf and so on'

I am here to tell you that you need to get crafty with your tired old baubles! Get your Christmas box/suitcase/trunk out and have a good sort out. Throw away the bits of fluff and broken tinsel and find all the bits and pieces that you think can be made into something else and pop them in a separate box for other craft projects. Find all the baubles that should be thrown away and find the things I will list, head for your kitchen table and make the old into the new. For free (or very cheap!)
Old baubles
Tissue paper
Paints (acrylic/poster/emulsion)
Paint brushes
PVA Glue
Strips of patterned paper
Glitter glue
I bought four baubles from a charity 
shop at 25p each.
I held the bauble for most of it but 
to make sure it was done neatly and 
you don't get covered I used a skewer 
through the hole and you can also 
then stick the skewer in a plant whilst 
they dry!
tissue paper
Get your tissue paper and tear it into 
little squares. Don't cut it as it will 
leave lines.
bauble tissue paper
Decoupage your bauble by painting PVA 
glue and sticking your tissue paper 
all over the bauble and painting 
the PVA all over the top. I usually water 
my PVA down a little to give it a little 
more fluidity. Then let it dry and it 
should look something like this.
christmas paper strips
Get yourself some strips of a repetitive
design from anywhere you like, this is 
from some wrapping paper.
PVA around the bauble and stick a 
patterned strip around and PVA 
over so it is all completely stuck down.
christmas red decoupaged baubles
When dry get your glitter glue and get it 
on the red bits thick and shiny!! Wait 
until they are dry and hang them on your 
Christmas tree.
christmas red decoupaged baubles
decoupaged bauble red christmas
Add some red ribbon and there you have your completed bauble. I made some different ones too, pretty pink roses. These ones were made by decoupaging with newspaper, then painting white when dry. Once that layer is dry, decoupage some pretty tissue paper and add a pink ribbon.
pink floral decoupaged bauble
pink floral decoupaged baubles tassels
I hope you have enjoyed this bauble decoupaging tutorial. As always comments are welcomed. If there are any Christmas crafts you would like to see just drop me a comment about the sort of thing you like to be able to make and I shall give it a go for you! 
Happy Decoupaging.

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