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Pastel Washi Tapes

Pastel spots and stripes, lemon, green, turquoise, pink and grey - so beautiful are these pastel washi tapes you can use them for so many things! Journalling, scrapbooking, craft room decoration, gift wrapping, notes, reminders, anything you want!  5 rolls per pack. 

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If you have an idea you would like turning into a reality for yourself or as a gift, that may be more personal or a colour or pattern that you prefer that's an item in stock or previously listed on the website, feel free to contact us and see if we can make it for you. We will always try, as long as it's within our remit, which is quite varied. But does not extend as far as making full sized circus tents with trumpet playing elephants. Although as an Ex-Theatre & Events Manager you never know, so you can always ask! or Facebook chat via our Classic Becca page