My Autumn Vibes in 2020

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Autumn is my favourite season with an almost tie for spring. By the time August is in sight I am planning colour schemes and decor for September 1st. I wasn't always this early when getting my home ready for Autumn but I have always adored the seasons and I couldn't live anywhere without them. My Mum used to change the decor in our home for the seasons and I always loved that with a change of colour in ornaments, curtains and cushions you could change the whole vibe of the home and of how you feel. The tradition of it has always made me feel safe. I have (like others), really needed that this year. 
Autumn cosy hygge
I always collect images from magazines, leaflets, pretty shopping bags, ephemera from life and save lots for my inspiration file but this summer I organised my stash and started a journal, not for anything deep, just some thoughts about my business, little seasonal lists and a visual place to relax and play with colour. I recommend it as a nice way to relax and a place to stick all your bits... and at the end you can pretend you have made a note book as good as Indiana Jones' Father's in The Last Crusade. 
journalling autumn fall
Adding little changes around your home can make a huge difference, I changed all my green decor in my faux fireplace (sans dollhouse), and added lots of brown glass and candles, textures like pinecones & conkers, knitted myself a pumpkin and added more pumpkin decor and cushions around my home in complimentary autumn shades. 
Autumn Decor knitting pumpkins homesense
In the kitchen I decorated my table with layers of tablecloth, a table runner, pumpkins, plants, candles, plates and changed my cutlery from silver to gold. My gold cutlery is for Christmas, we had used it once last year, I decided after this year why were we hiding it away for one day a year so its out for good now, or until Spring at least. 
dining rust colour candles pumpkins
Whilst in the kitchen, it really is time to start cooking comfort food and my go to for comforts are old family recipes, cosy books and Nigel Slater. Slow cooking recipes become a staple with my fiancé who feels a sense of comfort from having a pot of food cooking all day ready to eat after a long walk and a weekend of adventures. 
pumpkin decor comfort food autumn fall
Whilst the weather becomes colder outside and the trees drain themselves of green, becoming autumn rusts and sunny yellows, you wrap up warm on walks through crispy leaves, and collect gifts from nature, intrigue yourself with types of fungi whilst your partner, friend or self makes mushrooms related jokes. You get home, light your candles, get yourself a bowl or mug of something warming and curl up in your blankets. Get a pile of books, or watch an autumn film. This year more than ever, you deserve it. Take care of yourself and do the things that make you feel good. Happy Autumn.

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