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[Classic Becca with:] is a business series interviewing entrepreneurs focusing on the what, how and whys of being a creative business owner or working in an unusual career. 


This week I am talking to Katie from Lotus Floral Art, who makes absolutely beautiful dried flower arrangements. I am in love with them, I'm sure soon you will be too! 


Lotus Floral Art

Lotus Floral Art


What is your Business?

Lotus Floral Art. I design and make long lasting floral accessories and decorations using dried and preserved flowers. My work is predominantly in the wedding industry but I also make home decorations, floral jewellery and even edible floral chocolates! 


Dried Floral Wreath


Describe yourself in a few words

Thoughtful, creative, determined, positive.


Tell us how you first got into your business, Lotus Floral Art

After working as a Head nurse at a Veterinary Surgery for 12 years I was reminded about how much I loved being creative when I was planning my wedding in 2015. I felt I had achieved everything I wanted in my current career and decided it was time for a new challenge and a completely new way of life for me. I absolutely love flowers and so I retrained in floristry, but with my passion for the environment decided to have a slight twist to my floral business in that all my products are dried and preserved which means they last for years.


Heart wreath


"By being super organised, which is one of my favourite things - I love lists!"


How do you balance your working week?

By being super organised, which is one of my favourite things - I love lists! I actually start my day with some yoga and meditation which sets me up for the day. Running your own business often means you work long hours but it is so different because it is your choice!


What are your top tips for drying flowers at home?

In all honesty it’s nothing super fancy for most flowers. I have a drying rack in my studio where they are mostly hung upside down in singles or small bunches. As long as they as they have good air circulation, are not too hot or too cold and not in direct sunlight they will usually turn out well.


Floral wreath


"Country Living magazine had regrammed one of my dried flower wreaths and it had over 11,000 likes"


Are you working on any [personal] craft projects at the moment?

My husband and I own a vintage caravan so I am currently giving her a makeover! I have re-decorated inside and am now making all the cushion covers and curtains.


Whats been the proudest moment whilst running your business to date?

There have been lots as it has so far been a really positive journey. I have so many amazing reviews in my Etsy shop and on my Facebook page. I had an amazing moment one day when I woke up and Country Living magazine had regrammed one of my dried flower wreaths and it had over 11,000 likes!


stag blossom flowers


Finally, which flowers do you prefer - Daisys or Peonies? 

That would have to be Peonies. 


You can find out more about Lotus Floral Art on their website and social media. 


Etsy shop:

Instagram : @lotusfloralart




If you are interested in taking part in this series please email with your business and links and a little bit about yourself.  

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