Cath Kidston Travel Sewing Kit

Cath kidston classicbecca flowers hearts london sewing sewing kit travel travel sewing kit

Sewing Kit Tour 

cath kidston sewing kit
A hard case covered in the heart rose oil cloth 
material, perfect for traveling as it's pretty and 
you can pop it right in your handbag.
cath kidston sewing kit
It has a press stud clip for the opening which is nice 
and sturdy.
cath kidston sewing kit
Inside, a thing of polka dot beauty. Safety pins, needles, 
embroidery scissors, a thimble, a stitch picker (Natterer), 
a thread plait and a tape measure.
cath kidston sewing kit
I love this thread plait, keeps the cottons nice and neat.
cath kidston sewing kit
cath kidston sewing kit
There is plenty of space for tucking a few extras inside for 
the sewing traveller.
cath kidston sewing kit
Perfect for me on my journeys each week up and down the country. 
Thank you for my gift Darren & Drew

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