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I was recently asked to do a commission, I was shown an example from Pinterest and I said I could do it, only I'd be doing something better that wasn't glue gunning fabric to a kitchen roll. Now thats fine if you want to make that yourself and use it, but people are selling them like that, it's kitchen roll!

So I designed something for the first time, now I've made things from my head before (not literally) but this was a sketched out, mathematical design. It needed a little tweak during production but all in all, I was pretty impressed with the outcome. I'm going to start selling the pattern once I have created a nice tidy PDF for it and written up some instructions that aren't BeccaLingo but whilst I am doing that here is the product. Let me know what you think of it and whether it would solve your hair accessory needs! I will also make to order for anyone that might be interested. My email address can be found in the contact section above.


hairband and bobble holder

A thick spring tartan print for durability and staying relevant at whatever age.

hairband and bobble holder

Hang anywhere with the ribbon handle.

hairband and bobble holder

Detachable pockets for travelling with - just fold, roll and go! 

hairband and bobble holder

Headband roll and four detachable pockets for hairbands, slides, clips and pretty bows!

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