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I love omelette's and my favourite one at the moment is pea and mint. I have a set recipe for this, but in the past two days I have discovered a slightly lower calorie and tastier alternative to two of my ingredients. 

My original recipe Ingredients:

Olive oil
Half an onion
Frozen garden peas (enough to cover the bottom of your chosen pan)
2 eggs
Dried mint
Salt & Pepper
Creme Freiche
Cheddar cheese 

  1. Put your pan on a high heat and put in olive oil & a knob of butter.
  2. Finely chop half an onion and add to the pan, sofening but not browning.
  3. Crack two eggs into a bowl and add salt & pepper, mint & creme freiche.
  4. Add peas to the pan and stir until bright green.
  5. Pour in the egg mixture and stir a little bit and then leave to set.
  6. Put under the grill to set the top and add grated cheese til melted.
In my tweeked version instead of adding creme freiche & cheddar cheese, get cheese slices (any brand but like the type in the link) Use two and rip into the egg mix. 
It adds the creamy element of the creme frieche & the cheesy bit & is less calories generally and a bit tastier. 

Enjoy! Becca xx

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