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So I've been looking for a reason to brave trying the courgettes beautiful yellow flowers in my cooking when summer hit but couldn't find much not deep fried. So today for lunch, whilst the sun was shining and alfresco dining was a must, I came up with this.
Olive Oil
3 Eggs
3 Baby Courgettes
The Flowers from the Courgettes
Fresh Garden Peas
Splash of Milk
Salt & Pepper
1.Whisk the 3 eggs, salt & pepper and the milk together and set aside.
2.Take off the flowers and cut in half (taking out the pollen) chop the courgettes and pop out the peas. 
3.Pour a teaspoon/drizzle of olive oil in a large none stick pan and add the courgettes and peas, after two minutes add the flower halves around the pan. Sauté for another few minutes. 
4.Add the eggs and move around a little and then allow to cook, changing to a lower heat near the end. Take off the heat when still a little creamy or to your preference. 
Serve up, take outside, watch nature and enjoy! 
Happy cooking! 

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