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I don't like to waste food and I love to cook, so creating leftover food recipes (Jamie Oliver being a favourite) are an excellent solution to both! But what about the times when you have leftover leftovers?? Do you discard of them because they have already been reused once? NO! I say.. but what to do with your leftover leftovers? Lefties if you will... actually no, scrap that! Let me feed you a process:
Christmas Dinner & Ham
(Leftover veg, ham & turkey)
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Bubble & Squeak with Eggs and Ham 
Turkey curry
(Leftover bubble & Squeak made up of: mashed carrots & swede, roasted parsnips & beetroot and of course, sprouts. More turkey leftovers from Christmas dinner)
What does one do now? let me think.... OK, got it! 
Christmas Parcels
Bubble & Squeak
Cranberry sauce
Goats Cheese
Ribbon for bow (Optional)
Place a sheet of FILO and fold once to form a square, add a few spoonfuls of the veg then add some turkey, spoon on some cranberry and crumble on some goats cheese. Fold the back FILO closest to you over the top, bring in the sides and fold over so the opening is underneath. You can egg or milk wash them and then pop in the oven until piping and brown. 
No need to thank me. 
cranberry and turkey filo wrap cranberry and turkey filo wrap

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