Wreck This Journal - The Missing Burn Page

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Time to think outside the box. The straight lines. The neat world. But you can't be neat when you're an artist surely; well I can. That's my problem, too neat, too constricted and bound by my own mind. 
This is all going to change. My boyfriend MrP bought me a book for Christmas on the suggestion of an artist friend and already I am inspired, It is a book called Wreck This Journal, which encourages you to wreck it via each page of instructions. But it is clearly a prod for artistic content. After further investigation, there are websites everywhere for it and pictures on Flickr, videos on Youtube, all people showing their journals. There are some wonderful ones out there, some people really are using it in a destructive way, I on the other hand still want it to be beautiful but will do all the things it tells me ~ although it will take a lot to do some of them. 

I spent all last night, at least five times over looking through my journal trying to find a page that tells you to burn it. It was nowhere to be seen! I checked the sites online and there are people who have that page, so my conclusion (rather than the freaky one, that the page ran away to a better artist) is that it has been taken out of new publishing for safety reasons or such like. But that was the next page I was going to do, so I will, and I will do it in the page it was intended. Which in mine is the stamp on this page with your feet! The burn idea has so much more potential. 



Here is the page that was exchanged for Burn this page, I made it a burn page anyway with tissue paper an a lighter! *be careful if you do choose to do this*


Any questions just leave a comment below!

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