Tutorial | Homemade Winter Christmas Wreath

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I made a wreath to save myself pennies many years ago but this time it was a reason to use the autumn/winter change of nature as were the intention of wreaths in the past. I had twigs & branches a from a tree that needed to be given a second life and so after many months I decided to cut them up into useable pieces and get crafting a winter wreath for my front door!
I took a wire coat hanger and pushed it out into a circle, then tied like sized branches together and started tying them to the hanger circle. 
I needed some berries and wreath frippery so bought a £1 wreath from Poundland and went to work breaking it up into the bits I wanted from it. 

I also sliced up some clementines and dried them out for 30 mins on 120c (fan oven) to attach around the wreath. After assembling with the help of a glue gun I attached a big tartan bow and a material bow at the top. 
I think this means I can start decorating inside soon!! ❤️

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