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Happy February to you all, I hope it brings you good things. We decided to have a weekend of doing so on Saturday we went into our local area of Hammersmith and bought some essentials but whilst down the high street I popped into a few charity shops on a whim. I only needed one: British Heart Foundation, they always seem to have good things in whichever city you're in. I also like the one on Sale, Manchester near my work. I got a few bargains from there at Christmas. I had recently bought some quite expensive eastern goblets in blue glass from John Lewis, I am currently colour changing our living area into blues and whites to emulate a Greek town for spring sunshine; so was thrilled when I saw these tumblers? Votives? who knows, but I have chosen to go down the pretty candle light route (£2.25 for both). I also found a glass candle stick which i have been on the look out for a while, I got two at Christmas but they were quite short and not exactly what I was looking for. I could of course just gone into a department store and bought one, but at £16 + a pop I wasn't so much into that idea. But some lovely Londoner got rid of theirs and left it for me in BHF for £1.99 - cannot say fairer than that.
On Sunday we went to Greenwich to the market and to have some lunch near the Cutty Sark, we had a look around the market and I bought a few presents and then a little present for myself, a bag of buttons. They were £8 but they are SO pretty!!! I think I have a mild case of the collectors addiction when it comes to buttons as I seem to buy but not use! 

Also my book arrived that I had ordered last week and I started to thumb through it, I love it and am drooling over all the pictures so far, I am trying to savour it though so haven't rushed through it. Am now back in Manchester too so it will have to wait until I arrived back in London once again. I cannot wait, especially as I have got the lurgy again *sniff* 

Homespun Style by Selina Lake
What bargains have you picked up this weekend? 
CB x

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