Nostalgic Sewing Drawer Tour

Brother Sewing Buttoneer Nostalgia Sewing Feet Sewing Machine

Today my Mum and I decided to sort through her sewing drawer, it's like a treasure trove of memories from my childhood. Patterns, boxes with sewing machine finery, vintage tools handed down from my Nanna Martin and my very first sewing project that my Mum still has. A pin cushion.
So I went for pink material cut on an angle and pencil writing 'for my mummy'
The sewing drawer full and disorganised 
A cute Christmas tin for pins & needles
Sewing machine box for an old machine, all the feet and some bobbins. I'm wondering if they'd fit my new machine?
The Buttoneer! A gadget from the 1970's for attaching buttons to clothes! 
The obligatory jar of many buttons.
I love old patterns, Mum used to have so many but got rid of them. I wish I'd known I'd have wanted them in the future
My Mum made me this wonderful outfit back in the 90's for my first holiday in Greece. Sans hat. 
Slightly more organised but still good for a dig around when I want to get that vintage sewing smell. 
I hope you enjoyed the mini tour of my Mums sewing drawer, there's also a sewing box and the machine and the fabric, but a drawer is only 'sew' big. 
I am so (I won't do it again!) excited about my new machine, it's an early Christmas present off my Mum due to the recent passing of Margo. The new machine won't be as pretty but it's functionality will have me making pretties in no time! I cannot wait to learn new skills.
                         RIP Margo

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