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Me and MrP went shopping a few weeks ago and it was the day of the Christmas light switch on so there was lots going on around London. We were looking for a pub when we fell upon the wonderful Liberty which we of course had to go in. It is so wonderful in there, I could walk around forever dreaming of the things I want. They currently have a Christmas section on floor four and it's magical, the first thing I spotted was a giant robin and I wanted him immediately, but alas he was a wee bit too pricey for me. Sad times.
Liberty of London Robin christmas
After a few days I wondered if I could make one with things in my craft store. Now I haven't done a proper tutorial for my creation Master Robin-Son (MrP's surname is Robinson, clever eh? Credit: Lizzie Clatworthy) but I have some pictures and I can explain a few steps. If I get any interest I shall create a more concise explanation.
liberty robin handmade
Scrunch newspaper into a robin shape stick with cello-tape.
liberty of london robin handmade
Robin shaped out of newspaper.
Paint the Robin body in white paint.
Form a nose out of card in a cone shape and stick on with cello-tape 
and cover in tissue paper with PVA all over.
Spray gold and painted gold with gold acrylic paint.
Paint the nose in black or charcoal as I have.
Make the feet out of wire and wrap with 6 ply cotton
and glue at the ends.
Completed foot.
handmade liberty of london robin christmas
Completed robin, felt and material breast glued on,
black beads for eyes.
handmade liberty of london robin christmas
Wings made from felt and stitched and glued on.
One giant robin for free (or cost of buying materials) Vs Liberty £60 Robin. Ta Daaaa! 
Some Robin love down Carnaby Street
robin carnaby street
Be kind to someone today.

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