Autumn Pamper Time!

Autumn Classic Becca Eye Mask Hot Water Bottle Shower Cap

The nights are drawing in and that can mean only one thing, pamper and cosy time! I have a quick 10 day holiday to go on (brag alert) so will need to be dipping back into summer mode briefly but can't wait for coming out the other side when the candles, blankets and baths are a must! A few things I've made for my shop (and self) is my autumnal shower cap which I can't wait to use for my baths and when I stop washing my hair quite as frequently.

Then there's the gorgeous hot water bottle cover that will keep me toasty on the cold nights and last but not least my eye mask to give me the best nights sleep I can get.

I'm really looking forward to kicking the crispy leaves underfoot and making butternut squash soup to take with me whilst I day dream on a cold walk. Every year I say I'll decorate the house outside with pumpkins and straw, maybe this is the year?? Does anybody else in the UK get involved in autumnal spirit? Besides the Halloween kind... which of course is when we all watch Hocus Pocus with hot chocolate, of course. 

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